A Treat For Goldfinch – Triple Chocolate Cheesecake And A Trio Of Love Lullabys

All because the Goldfinch loves milk and dark chocolate…


By the time you see this post…I will be on my way to meeting my beloved.  Look what I am taking with me.  It might not look great in the photo, but this simple make (it’s not a bake, because it is a chilled cheesecake, rather than a baked one)  is one of the most popular desserts I serve at dinners (I normally make individual mini-cakes for posher dinners served with a berry coulis).

Everyone loves it.  More importantly, Goldfinch loves it!  So he is getting it!  He is getting lots of treats from me because it is at least three weeks since I saw him last.  Oh yes he is!

Three weeks is way way too long!

It has put me into an utterly romantic mood…so I am going to revvvv up the romance even more with three numbers for all the love-birds out there who are separated by distance.  Two soppy songs and one that takes me an awful long way back…I am showing my age!




13 thoughts on “A Treat For Goldfinch – Triple Chocolate Cheesecake And A Trio Of Love Lullabys”

    1. I did not take a cheesecake to Australia – they have sniffer dogs to catch out anyone taking food into the country – it’s a big no no. But I did make a cheesecake while I was out there for him – he was very happy with me.

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