Come And Melt The Buttons On Me Flameproof Nightie

comedy.jpgDo you like stand up comedy? I will admit I am very selective when it comes to comedians and comediennes. I can’t bear unkindness or making fun of people in an insulting way. I can’t abide foul language. It is not easy to find a live comedy act that is relatively inoffensive. If I went to certain comedy shows, it would be sheer torture for me.

comedy club.jpgGoldfinch took me to see a comedian in Islington last year (it was a very rainy day) and I found myself sitting in the chair that was the furthermost point from the door. That comedy club was very tightly packed and there was no way I could make an escape – and of course, I really did want to try to like the performance for Goldfinch’s sake. That was a weird feeling – pleased as punch to be close to the man I loved, but feeling like I wanted to climb over the heads of the audience (like Crocodile Dundee in the New York subway) to escape what was making my skin crawl. I am being harsh. Some of the content was funny. But it was the rest of the content that was abysmal.

There are some classic comedy greats who I can watch over and over again. I only started this post because I was thinking of a riotous and superb song written and performed by the immensely talented Victoria Wood  (“The Ballad of Barry And Freda”, also known as “Let’s Do It!”) It came to mind because I wonder what Goldfinch must think of me. I am wondering if I am behaving like Freda! Six months is a long time to wait to be with the man you love you know! Fortunately for me…Goldfinch is not at all like Barry!

If you have never seen this, prepare to be amazed/shocked/enthralled/flabbergasted! And yes, perhaps it is a little funnier if you are female, I don’t know – you tell me!


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