My New New Dress

new dress.jpg I don’t think I told you about my new new dress.

Firstly, let me explain why it is my new new dress, and not just my new dress. The simple answer is, I shop at charity shops for my clothes. The only things I buy new are underwear and work shoes. So normally when I buy a new dress from a charity shop, it is not actually new.

Well…in return for something nice I did in the past few weeks, a lovely friend of mine wanted to buy me a gift. My friends know I don’t really like gifts – especially not fluff and tacky whats-its that I am going to donate to a charity shop the moment a decent amount of time has passed. If I am given edible gifts (chocolates etc) I usually find someone else to give them to. But if someone buys me a useful gift, an umbrella, linen spray, hand soap – these are all things that I will use and enjoy and be grateful for.

Well, my lovely friend told me she wanted to buy me something for my trip to Australia. I said I didn’t need anything. She asked “what about a new dress?” Well, I think the look on my face encouraged her. I did buy new lingerie, but there was no way I was going to be able to spend money on any other clothes for my trip.

wrap round dress.jpgWell…to cut to the chase, she grabbed her i-pad and started to show me dresses. I found one I really liked in the 70% sale from Phase Eight. So she bought it. It is lovely. It is such a comfortable dress (perfect for summer, not so much an Australian winter). The colours suit me so much. And…

…it reminds me of my favourite dress last summer. I found a black wrap-round dress in a charity shop. I don’t normally buy black, but I was starting a new job, and was told we have to wear black, so I was looking for black clothes. I loved that dress.

However, it came to a tragic demise. The weekend I was away with Goldfinch (Sandwiched In Between A Wedding Reception And A Murder Mystery Weekend) I packed it in my little suit case, and because it was a bit creased, I decided to run the iron over it on that Sunday morning. I turned the dial to the lowest heat setting. But that iron still burnt a whole through my dress 😦

I walked round Coventry all day with a hole in my dress. That was the one day Goldfinch and I had a sort of disagreement (it was all about Jack) and then I thought he was angry and ignoring me for the next couple of weeks (all because I had not read a text message properly when he told me he would be abroad and was not taking his phone), and I was so relieved when I realized he was not at all cross with me, and I had been really silly.

Oh the memories that come back with a dress. Anyway, no more black this year, a lighter, prettier colour for me. I hope at some stage, I come across some decent weather and I am able to wear it.

5 thoughts on “My New New Dress”

  1. That’s so sweet. Good for you. I’m a second hand girl too. Although I’m more of a vintage eccentric and jeans type. A classic wrap dress is always flattering. Love the prints! Wear it well in Australia 😀


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