Popping My Chocolate Cherry In Australia

chococherry.pngNow I am not a fan of Peter Andre I will admit. But it seems we have the same fondness for one particular flavour combination. I don’t know much about him, I don’t have anything specifically to complain about him – I am just not a fan. There are lots of entertainers I am not a fan of. I have been at events and seen Peter Andre up close, but I have never spoken with him.

But in one way he has had a little influence on me. I was flicking through the Waitrose Food Magazine (Waitrose is a supermarket here in England) and I noticed Peter Andre was answeing a bunch of foodie questions thrown at him. He must have lived in Australia for some time. When asked which Australian foods he misses the most, he replied mangoes, seafood and Cherry Ripes – a cherry-filled chocolate bar.

cherry ripe bars.png

Well…that caught my attention. I love cherries and chocolate together. When I googled Cherry-Ripes, I found they have a dark cherry version – even better!!!

So amongst the list of things I want to do while I am in Australia (time with Goldfinch is right at the top of course), I want to find one, or maybe more than one, of these Cherry-Ripes to try for the first time. I shall be popping my chocolate cherry – can I say that without getting a reaction? Too late now.

Oh and when I googled Cherry-Ripes, one of the sites that appeared was advertising the corniest ever adverts. I became quite engrossed in watching how Cherry Ripe adverts have come on over the years – it starts very scary, but I promise they do improve.

4 thoughts on “Popping My Chocolate Cherry In Australia”

  1. You don’t have Cherry Ripes in England??? (They are a Cadbury brand after all?)
    While cherry and chocolate are undoubtedly a formidable combination their advert hints at the reason they are not one of my favourites… “All you want and a little bit more.”
    A little bit more i would rather do without, thank you Cadbury – being dessicated coconut, which i estimate to be around 40% of the content and always leaves me with bits stuck between my teeth that i end up chewing on several hours after the first bite. 😦


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