Trying To Make The Waiting Time Go Faster

While clock watching and waiting for the minutes to pass before my journey to Heathrow and then on to Adelaide, I noticed the prompts for today from Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith:

Prompt A (song challenge): Pick your favourite song/video

My favourites change all the time. But right now I am thinking of my reunion with Goldfinch so this song is whirling around my head. If you have never heard it…it starts slow, but then wham big bold chorus!!! You don’t need to look at all the kissy pictures in the video.

Prompt C (photo):


Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

It has been a long time since I travelled. The last time I flew anywhere, it was to Germany, but that must be seven or eight years ago. In my twenties I did a lot of travelling. I have also been to Belgium, France, Ghana, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA and I can’t remember where else right now.

sailingI always loved travelling, but it can be expensive. And I also wished there was more time. I would love to have time to visit every land properly. Really get to know the people, the culture, the music, the cuisine. I have always said my dream was to build a boat and to sail as slowly as possible around the earth, getting to know my human family along the way.

on the shoreIn boarding a plane to travel to the opposite side of the planet in twenty-three hours think of all that I am missing! All the mountains, and forests and lakes I will be flying over. All of the beautiful people and animals that will be living their lives down on the ground below me. There is a part of me that begrudges the speed of air travel. I would love to let my feet touch the shore of all the lands I shall be passing over – but with the man I love.

sailing1Right now, only one man in the world matters. But I would love to live forever with him. And at some point to build a boat together and then to sail around the world as slowly as possible exploring this amazing planet and getting to know our fellow human family members.

Well, first things first…let’s arrive safely in Adelaide first of all, shall we!

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