I’m In The Air!

I have been a busy bee recently! After eleven days of work, I went for an early morning stroll on Sunday and enjoyed the morning sunshine.

looking up at clouds.jpgI was tired, and I decided that sitting down on the grass for a rest would not be a bad idea. Before I knew it I was lying down looking up at the sky. What did I see?

Why, I saw aeroplanes!

together.jpgAnd as I lay there letting my mind and body rest for the first time in over eleven days, I found it comforting that lying in the grass was not triggering any disturbing flashbacks. Instead, my mind was fixed on memories of lying in the grass in various parks with Goldfinch wrapping me up in his arms. What happy memories. I am so glad he did that so many times.

If you live anywhere between London and Adelaide (Europe and Asia and Australasia) and you find yourself looking up at the clouds, perhaps you will see an aeroplane. Perhaps I will be on that plane!

skyAs I lay there looking up at the clouds watching aeroplanes, I wondered how many of them were heading for Australia. And I felt the excitement creep through me. That is my route, a plane (well, two planes) will take me all the way to the other side of the planet. I will be in the arms of the man who has made me feel safe and warm. Memories with him are so sweet. It was wonderful to know that on this occasion they were more powerful than the memories of what happened four years ago when I was lying in the grass after my attacker had overpowered me.

I am looking at the clouds and I am seeing clearly that you can conquer the effects of trauma. Filling life with sweet and beautiful memories is a powerful force to fight harmful thoughts. As I look to the future, I see a wonderful world without pain and sadness. A world full of joy and peace and love. All scars have healed. Tears wiped away, we cannot even remember the painful past because every single day we grow happier and healthier.


This was my post in response to the prompt fromΒ Sarah Elizabeth Moore:


10 thoughts on “I’m In The Air!”

  1. If you are flying over me you are probably off course – tell the pilot to turn LEFT!!! (or to Port or whatever they call it?) πŸ˜‰


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