Forget Me Not

I have been singing a song today over and over. It has made me think over the last six months without Goldfinch. I have been at parties, wedding receptions, nights out, dinners, and even on two official dates. I have chatted with men, smiled at men, danced with men, avoided making eye contact with men and made it clear I was not receptive to flirting with men.

Image by suju from Pixabay

I have never forgot him. I was never going to. Goldfinch is the one in whose arms I am going to be. I am going home with him,when he picks me up from the airport. For the past six months I have been saving the last dance for him.

And now this little duckie is flying off to be in his arms! I feel an immense relief that the waiting is nearly over!


This little post was in response to the writing prompt provided by Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith:

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