This Girl Is On Fire!

blonde coffee.pngBy the time this post is published, I will be on my way to work. I will have already had enough coffee to fuel a speedboat crossing the Atlantic. I am all ready for a crazy busy day ahead.

It will be eleventh long day in a row. It could be an eight hour day, it could be a ten hour day, it depends on how busy it is. People of London – why don’t you go to the beach on a Saturday? Why do you all come to where I work and ask me to do the impossible???

finished my post.jpgI am so glad to be pressing the SCHEDULE button on this post. I really did not think I was going to have chance to finish it…but I have cheated by copying and pasting from some of my other posts and I am satisfied that I have put together a half decent post in response to this week’s SHARE-YOUR-WORLD questions provided by Melanie, creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind:

Do you think there is such a thing as a ‘gendered’ brain?

feminine.jpgI don’t know the answer to that one. I don’t really understand the question. But men and women, though equal, are different, and that’s a good thing in my book.

I am very cautious about this word “gender” that seems to be used in a rather ambiguous way nowadays. I have no idea what point people are trying to make. But since I was at school the basics in human biology don’t seem to have changed. Humans are amongst other animals which are either male or female. A male and female are needed in order to reproduce. I am a female of the species. And I like that.

I grew up playing football and climbing trees – but I am 100% woman – except that some of my friends used to say that I drive like a man – whatever that means.

What is the silliest fear you have?

Dead things, well more dead animals really. I have worked in palliative care and I became used to helping our dear patients through their last breaths and cleaning them before the undertaker arrived. Being with a human who has died is something I can handle. But if I see a dead animal, I completely have a melt-down of uselessness.

I came home one day and found a brace of pheasants hung up outside my front door.  I was aghast and horrified.  I thought some wicked person was playing a horrid trick on me.  I mean you couldn’t really do something worse to a vegetarian!

However the Lord of the estate told me that it was a thank you from people who roamed the local countryside on shoots and had wandered onto the estate. They apparently give some of the pheasants they have shot as a way of saying thank you for putting up with the noise of the shooting and allowing them to “trespass” on private land.

Talk about a WEIRD way of saying thank you!  Terrorised me!

Out of your family members, who are you closest to?

Sharing sweetsMy sister Milly. It makes me cry that I don’t see her anywhere near as often as I wish to. We are separated by over two hundred miles. We shared a bedroom and I used to help her with her reading and settle her anxieties about school and life. She is five years younger than I am.

Milly is such a wonderful person, she always has been. I wrote a post about what a little treasure she was right from a young age:

Why Was Milly Always Given More Sweets Than Mandy and Me?

What is something you’ll NEVER do again?

Where do I begin?…

  • I will never flash my boss again. I accidentally exposed myself to a finance director: Buttons Are Not My Friends
  • waitingI will never develop a close friendship with a stranger on the internet. I stood outside a train station for almost three hours waiting to meet a man who had been sending me love-letters for a year….and he never showed up.
  • I will never shout out from the audience at the theatre. Buttons dragged me up onto the stage during “Cinderella” at a theatre.  I am sure that was not in his script – I blame my friends.
  • I will never dive or jump from a height whilst wearing a bikini. The first time I dived off a boat, I lost my bikini briefs.Then I decided to jump of the boat instead of diving and lost my bikini top.
  • I will never go to a park on my own late at night. The outcome of that decision, I will regret for the rest of my life.

I was so consumed with despair, I did not notice that daylight had fled completely and there was no longer anyone else in the park, until a stranger sat down on the bench besides me.

If you’d like, please share a photo or a comment about something good that’s happened recently!  Thanks! 

Good things everyday! Lots and lots. But there is one thing that is dominating everything recently!! I am going to Australia!!!

ready to go

Today is the last and the eleventh day in a row of long long hours. I have been on fire this week! I can’t wait to get home and put my feet up. My legs have been aching because I have been on my feet for nine, ten, or one day I did twelve hours of hectic running round – and of course there were also two 15-hour Fridays. My achey legs need a good rest before my hike to Heathrow!

7 thoughts on “This Girl Is On Fire!

  1. Love the post..
    Yesterday was a very good day for me
    as the hot and humid weather suddenly changed and it started to rain…I just love it.i dance in the rain and enjoyed it…I want to share the photos bt I don’t know how to do it…🌧️🌧️💧☁️


  2. I’m so glad you did find the time to hit ‘publish’ … especially in the midst of hectic like that! :O Thanks Mel for Sharing Your Beautiful World with everyone! I’m sure they all appreciate it, and I know I do!! ❤


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