It Was A Sign

For some time, I have enjoyed the Friday Follies posts published by ArtisanX ArtisanX – Proscenium and featuring hilarious photos from lots of other bloggers of signs and the like they have come across which are eye-catching for one reason or another. But I have never had anything to contribute before.

So last week when I was near the River (Thames) with some friends, and I walked past a sign that made us chuckle (we carried on towards the zombies I have to admit) I suddenly decided to run back and take a photo so that I would at last have something to contribute to the brilliant Friday Follies!

Here is a sign making clear what awaits those who risk continuing their journey along the Thames River Path.


In case you missed it, here is a close-up:


9 thoughts on “It Was A Sign”

      1. I’ve missed many because of the same reason only to remember, much later, that I had one on my phone. I’ve actually missed many photos like that! 🥴😭


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