Will It Be The Same?

Will it be the same? Will it be the happy place it has always been? Will it be the safe and warm haven where I forget all pain and fear and anxiety? Will it be the the paradise of pleasure where spines fizz with wild delight? Will it be the sweet rest-place where two breathless and racing hearts collapse in joy and abandonment?

I want to be wrapped up tightly in those arms, feeling your chest expand with each breath you take and fall as you exhale. I want to sleep with your heart beating inches away from mine. I want my legs to become entangled with yours in the midst of sleep when we are too tired to make love. I want to be woken up by your kisses teasing the back of my shoulder and my neck.

I want you to force me out of slumber by grabbing my hips and turning me round, so that I know that you are hungry for me. What a start to the day. Then after being driven into a dazzle of ecstasy to be able to rest and recover for another hour or so before it is time to get up and face the day.

Will it be the same? After all this time has passed – will you still be the same? Will I be the same? I can’t imagine it not being as wonderful as ever.

6 thoughts on “Will It Be The Same?

    1. I am so worried of about forgetting things. I am trying to be organized. The most important things is passport and…that kind if stuff – isn’t it? It is the first time I have travelled like this on my own and I have a sense of doom, I keep thinking it is all going to go wrong and it will be all my fault.

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