I Want To Share Your Dreams

Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith gave us a sweet picture, a story starter sentence and the genre of romance. So I have plucked Annabelle and Robin from another post and let them be the stars of this little story. Here is Teresa’s original prompt post:


Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

“We haven’t even started yet Annabelle.” he smiled and kissed my forehead tenderly. I had just told Robin that I could not remember ever being so happy, and that this was the best day of my life. And I meant it. The whole cavity within my chest was full of the sweet nectar of happiness and love. I felt as if I would never be hungry again, while I was full up on feeling loved and safe and warm.

sunset2“Come on Beautiful, I have a surprise for you.” Robin took my hand and led me from the terrace garden where we had been gazing at the blushing sunset sky. There were some worn stone steps leading down from the top of the cliff towards the secluded bay below. Robin helped me whenever the steps looked crumbly. “Careful Belle, there is no rush.”

The stone steps gave way to soft white sand. I slipped my shoes off and let my feet sink into the cool sand. Robin ran ahead of me. I watched him running. So often he reminded me of a young boy with his energy for life. But he had what a youngster lacks. He had charm and he cared so much. He was so kind and thoughtful.

on beach.jpgI walked towards the water’s edge and gently kicked the little waves that were rolling in. I did not want him to see the tears that had welled up into my eyes. The kind of tears that being deeply happy and not wanting a perfect day to ever end provokes within you. I hated that my time with him was nearly up. The next morning I would have to head to the airport and go back to the mundane hum drum life which was too far away from Robin. Only seeing him for one weekend a month was becoming harder to endure. But I didn’t want him to know that I was becoming more and more unhappy. I wanted to make sure that he enjoyed every moment I was with him. He would not want to see me crying, especially not after the wonderful day we had spent together.

“Annabelle, over here!” I could see Robin waving his arm, so I ran towards him. As I drew close, he held out his arms and then lifted me up, as if I was as light as a feather and turned with me holding onto his shoulders.

project“Well, is this what you had in mind?” Robin asked me while he pointed with his arms towards an old sail boat that was resting on the sand.

“It’s so charming Robin. She needs a bit of love, but she is a delight. I wonder who she belongs to.”

“Well, she used to belong to Big Sam who owns the Flying Fish Cafe. But yesterday he sold her to me.”

“You bought a boat!” I cried in astonishment.

“Sure I did. She is ours now Annabelle. We can start living the dream.”

“The dream?”

sailing into sunset“Yes, the dream, your dream. How many times have you said to me you wanted to build a boat with the man of your dreams and then sail around the world with him? Well…I don’t think we have time to build a boat from scratch, but I am sure we have the time to give this beauty a lick of paint…and then, we can set sail for our trip around the world.”

I laughed at Robin. “I wish we could.” I felt a tear well up into my eye and immediately escape down my left cheek.

“That’s why I bought the boat Annabelle. To make your wish come true, to make your dream come true. I love you Annabelle. I love your dreams. I would love to be the man you sailed around the world with.”

I turned away in tears. I couldn’t control myself.

“What’s the matter Belle? Don’t you want to?”

couple on beach“I can’t hear these words Robin if this is just a joke. I can’t hear them if they are not true. Please don’t say these things, not like this, not unless you mean them. I can’t bear for it not to be true.”

Robin grabbed my hands and squeezed them, “Come with me Belle. Sail away with me. I want to be the man of your dreams and I want to share your dreams forever.”




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