Silver Bells And Cockleshells And Pretty Maids All In A Row


I don’t actually have my own garden. I have a little courtyard outside my front door which is mainly in the shade due to the house above.  But that’s nice, it helps to keep the flat lovely and cool throughout the hot weather.

But if you walk up the steps from the little courtyard and turn right you are in for a treat!

There is such a pretty garden belonging to the house above me. I help water the garden and mow the lawn throughout the summer. It has been especially pretty during the spring. Of course the daffodils and tulips are long gone. The magnolia and camellias have disappeared now, and I can see that the wisteria is fading away. The forsythia is beautiful at the moment.


But it is still a lovely garden. And there will be more flowers appearing throughout the summer, I think we are due some roses soon. There are also boxes and pots around the garden with pansies which seem to keep thriving whatever the weather, lavender and honeysuckle and various creepers trailing around the wooden trellises.

Very pretty, very lovely, very fragrant – a little pocket of paradise, a mini-oasis from the big choky smoke of London.


This was my post in response to the prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore:

18 thoughts on “Silver Bells And Cockleshells And Pretty Maids All In A Row”

  1. That wisteria has been beautifully espaliered! 🙂

    I have a white version covering a large pergola. it’s a pity their beautiful perfumed flowers last just a few weeks. 😦

    (When Gary said ‘battered mole heaven’ he meant his back garden was battered and it was ‘mole heaven’! No moles were harmed in the writing of that comment! Thought you’d like to know?)

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      1. I see Nature’s beauty fade away every single day.

        Fortunately (almost as if by design) it is immediately replaced by something equally as beautiful – in it’s own way. 🙂


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