I Wish You Would Come Over For A Cuppa

Why don’t you come on over to my little place and have a cuppa? We can catch up on all our news. It’s been so long since we talked.


I still remember how you always drank your tea. It has been almost five years now since I moved out Jack. I guess a lot can change in five years. Maybe your tastes have changed. That’s alright, I have all sorts of different herbal and fruity teas and I have a range of Nespresso capsules. You used to pinch Nespresso capsules from …

I have a few questions I would like to ask you. Don’t be afraid. I don’t want to make things hard for you. I want to know how you feel about me returning home. I want my life back. I want my career back. I want to be near to all of my friends. How would it effect you? If people started to watch how you were acting around me, and teasing you – how would you react? Would you do the same again?

Do you remember the envelope you received with a little card with a picture of Durdle Daw on the front from a mystery “GLH” with a wad of bank notes stuffed inside? I should never have done that. It was a really weird thing to do. I see that now. I was just so baffled at why you were being so hostile and why you would not speak to me. After I was attacked I was suddenly miles away from you, hours away. It was unbearable. That’s why I took out of my bank account over half my savings and put it in an envelope and managed to get it to you through the hands of my sister when she visited London.

It was in a larger envelope I asked her to leave at the main reception at a studio over in Elstree. I wrote on the envelope the name of the project you were working on the time. It was only when it reached there that they would open the envelope and see a smaller one with your name on it. You would never know that money came from me.

It was odd. I know that. It felt like a way of proving that all I wanted was peace, and there was no way I was going to let you be my enemy. I was going to give give and give as much as I could afford despite your hostility.

I don’t regret it. I heard you were driving a new car not long afterwards. The money went to good use. What bothers me, is that you are still not ready to talk. How long do I need to wait Jack?

I don’t regret the money really. Not one bit. It’s just that I have spent so much money on buying a ticket go to Australia to see the man I am in love with. It is frightening having so little left of my savings. But I don’t need that money. I will be alright.

What would mean more is some token from you that you have let go of whatever has been hurting you. Because I have no intention of being a source of hurt to you. I could have loved you, easily and probably would have loved you forever. You would have given me an amazing purpose. The man I am in love with now, he is wonderful and I love him, but he cannot give me a sense of purpose like you. Still I love him so much. You probably would not get on with him in all honesty, and you would annoy him so much.

Still Jack – I still do wish we could sit down and have a cuppa and sort all of this out.

9 thoughts on “I Wish You Would Come Over For A Cuppa”

    1. I should not have done it really. i was just so lost. I was still so desperate to fix the breach and feeling helpless because I did not know what to do. It was unnecessary to give him all that money. It was money I needed really.

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      1. We do thing when we are under stress that we regret afterwards. But what’s done is done. Move ahead with your life. Way forward is looking good with your Australian trip just few days ahead.


    1. I have looked at it many times…and not been sure what to write. I think when I started it, I wanted to say everything I want to say to Jack in real life. But I have not been able to. Instead, I picked it up now because all I want to say is I am in love with someone else, and that should end the friction between Jack and I really – shouldn’t it?

      I would just love one pleasant experience with Jack – meeting for a cuppa and not hurting each other, just smoothing things over, maybe a walk along the river. And then to be able to carry on as if nothing ever happened and to be able to resume our lives without having any fear of any ugliness rising again.

      I want to trust that we really are on the same side. We were just a couple who failed before we even started. We never crossed the start line together.

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