I Think I Am The Biggest Hazard!

I was back late after what turned out to be a sixteen hour work day on Friday and I finally made it to sleep at two o’clock in the morning. Then my alarm went off at four o’clock in the morning. I did something very risky. I pressed SNOOZE!

An hour later my phone was ringing and ringing. My friends were outside in their car. Very kindly they waited ten minutes while I showered and threw some clothes on.


I am working all day as a volunteer. But with so little sleep…I think it is going to be a very long day. Where is the canteen? I need a coffee pleeeeeeeeeease!

I am just going to take it slowly and try not to cause any injury to myself of anyone else!

15 thoughts on “I Think I Am The Biggest Hazard!”

    1. I was very glad that when I saw the site manager and explained how little sleep I had had, he arranged for me to do some accounts/purchasing work in the site office instead of being on construction yesterday.

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      1. Sorry – i got slightly wrong (i do that sometimes!) 😉

        Take BETTER care of you, Mel! 🙂
        ( That can include having those you love doing what they can and would happily do, if you let them)

        I’m done.

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    1. I do need to…starting from Wednesday, I have a very intense schedule for eleven days – very long days. I have scheduled a post to be published for each of those days already because I think I am going to be absolutely jiggered!!

      And I want to start my packing…I am so tempted to start this evening. Hmm…we will see.

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