Floral Favourites

Another delightful non-fiction prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith. I know it is late, but I could not resist it. Teresa asked us:

What is your favourite flower and why?


Picking favourites is never easy. But I do have a shortlist of favourite flowers.

bluebellI think top of the list (you could argue they are my favourite flower really) is the delightful bluebell. I wrote a post about the first time I saw bluebell woods.

Hiding In The Shade

I was enchanted by them. It is such a special time of year to me to see those blue carpets return. And even one single bluebell is so very pretty. Delightful!

I am a shameless fan of movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan…mainly because they are safe and normally cheery.  I never tire of watching them on screen.  One of my favourites is “You’ve Got Mail”.  Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) has a favourite flower – daisies. She says she thinks daisies are the friendliest flower.  I quite agree, I think they are the friendliest flower beyond doubt!

Growing up, I used to have a massive thing for sunflowers – except that they can become such giant monstrosities can’t they! But I loved having sunflower decorations all over my bedroom.

wild flower bouquetThe most romantic and poetic choice for a bouquet has to be wildflowers.  I think they are so beautiful and I find they grab my attention far more than roses. It’s that wild, natural, unpretentious quality they have. They make me want to be running though an overgrown meadow, preferably hand in hand with Goldfinch, looking for somewhere where we can sink into the long grasses and flowers and make love unseen by ramblers.

20180610_143032-1.jpgI do like roses. Who does not like roses? I especially like them when they are growing in a rose garden. I love the intoxicating perfumes they emit. I am very much drawn to yellow roses. All roses are beautiful. But yellow roses hold more of a charm for me.

But in all honesty…flowers are a bit like puddings to me. I might have a few favourites – but in truth I love all of them! Thank you for flowers! They really sweeten life and I can’t imagine a world without them!!

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