Sleep It Off


Some days all you can do is give up! Some days all you can do is accept that the only option is to get to bed as soon as possible and try to sleep it off.

Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow morning, it will have been miraculously removed from my memory as if it never happened.

For me…I have to wait until 1:30am until I can get to bed. For the next four or so hours, I need to try to push it out of my head.


15 thoughts on “Sleep It Off

    1. Yesterday was a very long and very busy day. I really did not need the extra challenge I had to deal with.

      But it has made a decision for me. I always need things like this to happen in order to actually make a decision.

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    1. Ever had that feeling that you are juggling twenty balls already…and people keep throwing another ball to add to the mix…and then all of a sudden someone throws a knife and you are trying to juggle with all of that without being hurt.

      I was so glad when yesterday was over! πŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly how I’ve been feeling lately …Overwhelmed to the point you just want to throw your hands in the air give up!


        1. Sometimes with the pace of life and the demands from all directions I want to sit down in the middle of the pavement and declare a strike πŸ™‚

          But…the good far outweighs the bad. And when there is a situation that I find very hurtful…I do try to just sleep on it and hope it has faded by the next day.

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