I Would Rather Be With You


I would rather be strolling across the promenade hand in hand with you. I would rather be eating ice-cream on a summer’s day with you. I would rather be wearing shorts and a T-shirt and feeling as if I was nine again. I would rather be sitting next to you on the bus on the way back home.

Living a life shoulder to shoulder with toffs is not what I wanted. Men who think they can buy affection are dreadful company. Wearing stilettos and pencil skirts is so confining. Hotels and private hire limousines, champagne and hors d’oeuvres, boastful and boorish men.

How could you ever doubt it? I would much rather be with you.

32 thoughts on “I Would Rather Be With You

  1. Does he doubt it? I doubt that he does!

    I think he knows that that life of ‘entitlement’ would be preferable to the alternative. – At least as he sees things.

    Did he not say he was a rogue? Would he then want a roguish life for you? I don’t believe that he would.

    You would rather be with him – without doubt. (Even though it is unlikely either of you could live in the one place together for any length of time?)

    What would he rather do/want?


      1. Apologies! (In my defense, i thought he was uppermost in your mind?)

        It’s still a good question though – what does he want for you?


        1. Goldfinch wants me to be happy. He knows I need to be in England. He needs to be in Australia. He wanted me to meet a really nice guy who would love me and care for me. After Goldfinch left, I went on a date with someone my friends told me was a really nice guy – he made me feel sick. I did not like him. Shortly afterwards I found out I had someone very special forming inside of me. Then I lost her. I have pretty much had boxing gloves on towards any man showing an interest in me since. I want to be with Goldfinch. I am going to visit him. I don’t care right now about how I feel when I return to England…but I imagine I will eat lots of cake.

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                1. There is nothing wrong with gyms. I just like being outdoors when I exercise. I love the fresh air and feeling closer to nature. I don’t like the loud music or sweaty lycra clad bodies around me. I don’t like changing rooms. I have seen too many women “flossing” without any inhibitions. I prefer outside sports and exercise and then to go home and shower in private.


                    1. I loved cycling with my Dad – until someone broke into the shed and stole our bikes.

                      But I bet you would much rather cycle outside in the fresh air than round and round in circles in a velodrome? That’s how I feel about the gym.

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                    2. On one of the cycling tours i went on we stopped at an outdoor velodrome – it was wonderful. About 30 of us chose to have sprint races after our days riding. I came second.

                      Re: the Gym and indoor velodrome i only used ours twice but there were times cycling against 25 mph winds or sleeting rain when i would have much preferred being inside on one!

                      I had a gym membership once – i think i used it about five times out of a year’s paid membership??

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                    3. I don’t think I have ever paid to go to a gym. I have only ever gone as someone’s guest.

                      It must be late for you – sleep well. I need to finish my housework, before I head out for the evening.

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