Professional Cook For The Day

Today I am earning my bread and butter in my capacity as a cook. I can never quite believe that anyone would pay me money to cook for them. It seems so crazy! But so it is.

Ten years ago I had my first job as a cook. I told them I didn’t know how to cook. They liked me though. They gave me a copy of a Delia Smith cookbook and just told me to read that and to refer to Delia for cooking times for meat etc (remember I have been a vegetarian since I was six years old).


Today I am making vast quantities of aubergine parmigiana. I would love to be devouring this. But it is for my client and their guests.

I think I really have lost a little weight, not a lot, but a little. Enough to make all my clothes fit better. I have not had much money to spend on food recently. I have been going out for dinner more often, but I have politely declined all puddings and wine (“not on a school night” has been my way of turning down the generosity of my friends when it comes to them pressing the contents of their cocktail cabinets upon me).

This aubergine dish smells delicious!!


34 thoughts on “Professional Cook For The Day

    1. I really enjoyed making it – enough for twelve – but it took ages to prep and fry all the slices of aubergine.
      Still with the left over bits I am going to put myself together a portion to eat when I come back from work tomorrow night.

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    1. It’s good for me too. I have learnt to make dishes I would perhaps never have made otherwise. My clients normally pick out a recipe they like the look of and leave it to me to follow the instructions and hope for the best!

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    1. So next time you come for tea – this is what I will make. You can bring one of your legendary cakes – with lots of marshmellows (fresh ones, not ones from the back of the cupboard that are past their use-by-date and smothered with chocolate – please 🙂

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