A Much Needed Distraction

stressedI have felt overwhelmed the past few days. I am working on a post to explain how much I tormented myself worrying about silly things.

All is better now! But still very busy. This morning I am up at the crack of dawn to help set up a fashion show. It will be a long day!

I have needed to distract myself to break the cycle of panic that I had triggered myself. I was glad to turn my attention to the lovely questions in this week’s SHARE-YOUR-WORLD, provided by Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind:


Well…here is my chance to tell you a little more about me and SHARE-MY-WORLD with you 🙂


If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why?

great grandmotherOoooh.

I guess one person I heard a lot about when I was a child, but never had chance to meet of course, is my great grandmother. My mum’s mum’s mum. Everyone said I looked identical to her. She died just before I was born. She is one of the people I would love to meet and interview.

I think interviews are a great idea!! I used to grill my parents on their lives before the were the parents of us adorable kiddos.

As a child, did you have a nickname?  Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it?


Smiling girl climbing treeWhy was I called Jo? I am not entirely sure why. There were several reasons. I think partly because I was a tomboy who wrote a lot of letters. (Jo from “Little Women” – Louisa May Alcott.) I say “I was a tomboy” simply on the basis that I was a tree-climbing, football playing, scaffolding scaling kiddo. I also thought another tomboy character from one of my favourite books George, was uber-cool (“The Famous Five” – Enid Blyton).

My name was distinctly girlie. I needed a tomboy nickname. So my friends chose Jo. I liked Jo. When I went to high school I met a new bunch of friends (all the kids on my primary school went to different high schools than I did) and none of these new friends called me Jo, they just used my name.

Give us three words that describe you:




Sneaking into a second movie at the theatre (if you go to a movie house)?  Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’?

cinemaIt is so rare that I actually am interested in going to see a movie at the cinema, I would be baffled if there were two that caught my interest.

But if I wanted to see two movies, I would pay for two movies. The thought of sitting still for all that time is not appealing.

I saw a few movies with Goldfinch. By the time one movie was over, it was definitely time to be going home! 😉

If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future?  Why?

Forward. I would like to see the world at peace, a paradise earth, no more disease or crime or war. No more economic extremes, but everyone with what they need to be happy and healthy.  Complete peace of mind and vibrant energy. Hearts that have healed. No more pain.

look ahead.jpg

There is no way I would want to come back though!


GRATITUDE QUESTION: What were you thankful for during April?

I am grateful that Goldfinch rang me at two o’clock in the morning one night and that prompted me to buy my ticket to Australia the next day. I have felt full up of gladness ever since.


35 thoughts on “A Much Needed Distraction”

  1. awwwww! I really hope you feel better soon.
    I was a tomboy too when I was little. I didn’t climb trees though.

    Just wondering if you heard of the Beyond Burger? It is a new Plant made burger that it is currently being used by Burger King in the US. They say that it is yummy and looks like real meat. They say that it will soon arrive in Europe

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    1. I read a post about it the other day…
      …she is so so funny!

      To be honest, I presumed that it was an April Fool’s joke when I saw roll-out was 1st April. But I know there are more and more who are working at plant-based menus, so it would not surprise me if fast food chains are jumping on the bandwagon. If…and it is a big IF, I ever happen to lose my way and find myself inside a Burger King and I have not eaten in days….I may ask for one 🙂

      I really love jackfruit burgers at the moment. I don’t often have burgers. I have only had one in 2019. But I am always on the look out for new and interesting flavours and ingredients. Not necessarily things that taste like meat.I don’t know what beef tastes likes.


      1. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Yes was so funny! Most of all the anatomy of the burger!!
        Never heard of the jackfruit burger, if i ever find it i shall try it. Nontheless, a vegetarian burger is always better than to have an empty tummy 😉


  2. Occasionally I wonder if travelling forward in Time would show that we predetermined universe and if so would that make free will an illusion.

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    1. I think I know what you mean…although I am tired (I have just come home from work and I am drinking a beer).

      Do you mean humans predetermine the future…or something else predetermines the future?

      My answer to Melanie’s question was just theoretical…I have a lot of confidence that things will be brighter and better in the future.


        1. I think certain major events have been forecast or foretold (we might not agree on that one) but I think individual human decisions have not been predetermined – what will I wear today? what will I have for lunch today? where will I go on holiday? who will I fall in love with? will I finish this work? or will I leave it until another day? I think all of that is up to us – and though might become rather predictable by making the same kind of decisions over and over, it is still our choice if we want to change what we may otherwise have been inclined to do.


                  1. The idea of parallel universes is increasingly supported in quantum physics, the mathematics of it all I won’t pretend to understand

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                    1. The thing about physics – the study of matter and energy – is that for all the incredible things that have been discovered, there is so much that has not yet been resolved. There are huge gaps in understanding…plenty of mysteries which means physics will be an exhilarating study for a long time. But there are lots of wild guesses bordering on fantasy when it comes to some of those mysteries.

                      I think that most who are well read in physics have to be prepared to accept that the likelihood of realms beyond our physical universe made of matter is considerable. But what those are, and what forms of life exist – it’s all complete utter speculation at this stage.

                      It’s one of the reasons why I do not object at all to the belief in a Creator who is not made of matter and who can control energy and matter.

                      But everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

                      I am so very sleepy. I really should turn.


                    2. There’s a positive and negative side to the idea of parallel universes. One the one hand it could be a proof and affirmation that Free Will is not an illusion or on the flip side, what does anything we do if the alternative happens elsewhere.

                      One of the reasons why going forward wouldn’t appeal to me is because how much of it could have been influenced by my going forward.


  3. This made me smile. I went to see JFK in the early 90s. It was such a good film I fell asleep. The girl I went with thought it would be a laugh to let me sleep even after the film had finished. When I woke it took me ages to work out that the next movie had started and it was a slasher horror movie. I was very confused.

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    1. She didn’t!

      🙂 I fell asleep during a live performance of Carmen at the theatre. I woke up to find a real horse on stage doing a kind of dance.

      I had been working on a construction project with 6am – 9pm days, for a couple of weeks.

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  4. A great post Melanie, I feel if you were travel forwards in the current climate there may not be a world to forward travel to, and travelling back may be an option or not.

    So when are you departing for down under then, do you have a date? i am guessing if you bought your ticket you do.

    By the way l have tagged you in 321 Quote Me with the topic of Food Glorious Food 🙂


    I thought l had timed it right, but l feel you are still dreadfully busy.

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    1. Hey Rory – I am off to Australia in June – so very excited!!!

      I shall make a start on it. I still have a 321 on Music in my drafts folder that I need to finish. I do appreciate the tags – and I love working on these posts – but yes, things are still crazy for me at the moment.

      I will be catching up for a long time I think.

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      1. When in June and where in Australia? Suze is going to Australia also in June coming back in July sometime, and is going to Adelaide to visit daughter and grandchildren.

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