Properly Preparing For Spring


What do I do to prepare for spring? I don’t feel I was quite prepared enough for this unusually beautiful spring bank holiday weekend.

I opened my wardrobe and saw too many wool sweaters and cardis, long sleeved tops,Β  jersey dresses, and there was not a single pair of shorts!

This weekend has been utterly gorgeous. I had two days in the sun. I had to work on Saturday and I have to work for six hours today. Have to keep thinking about bringing in more pennies towards the Australia fund!

IMG_20181010_171036.jpgBut I have realized I need to finish off packing my winter clothes away (I made a start a few weeks ago). I have already pulled out my storage bags from under the bed and I found some beautiful dresses. I want to fill my wardrobe with floral prints and floaty fabrics.

And I am also finding clothes that will be useful for my trip to Australia.

I also need to sort out my sun-glasses. I broke two pairs last year. I have two other pairs, but where are they? I need to hunt for them because after being out in the sun I had terrible head pain.

Well…I have to make sure I am already for next time we have a burst of beautiful weather here in England.


This was my post in response to the prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore:

13 thoughts on “Properly Preparing For Spring”

    1. I found two pairs in my bed-side table the other day and then I noticed a little Chinese bag on the back of my bedroom door that had two more pairs of sunglasses that I can’t remember ever seeing before.
      So while your sunglasses are being eaten, mine are breeding.

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  1. I think that I am more flabbergasted that you have a Winter/Spring collection. I wear the same things whether hot or cold (mind once home when it is winter it is very rare for me to go back out) but I live in yoga pants and shorts with tank tops. I do have some spring/summer dresses but rarely even wear those. Jeesh I have just discovered I am the tom boy who never really grew up lol. Have a good day Mel.


    1. I think I got into the habit of having separate winter and a summer wardrobes when I first became a full-time volunteer. I had the tiniest wardrobe. So it was easier to just have clothes for the season and then I would leave my other clothes at the home of a relative and swap them every six months. I have a fairly small wardrobe now, but it is enough. But there is lots of space under my bed to store things.


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