I Am Clock Watching

This is when time begins to slow down. Two hours to go until I can lock up and head back to the little abode. I have done everything I could see needed doing. I have also cleaned everywhere.

I am just waiting now. Waiting for the door to open and more clients/customers to arrive. Waiting to lock up and walk up the hill back to the little nest. Waiting to devour the left-overs I brought home last night after dinner at a friend’s house.

veggie casserole.jpgbf trifleI have had two Weetabix and a cup-a-soup so far today and my belly is rumbling! Time is going so slowly. I can’t wait to tuck in to a vegetarian sausage casserole with herby vegetarian dumplings…followed by a bowl of black forest trifle.

Just over two hours until I slip into a food coma!


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