A Grey Day In London

I have to head to bed…because I need to be up early in the morning. but I have loved the prompts provided by Teresa (aka The Haunted Wordsmith) in her writing prompt THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE.

So I thought that in response to today’s prompt, I would give you an idea of the sites of London with an endless grey sky! Come on spring – where are your blue skies?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Oh London – why so dull and grey?

I am not sure that it suits you

Do I have to wait until May?

For rays of sun and skies of blue?


A few photos of central London on a grey cloudy day:



This post was in response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Teresa akaΒ The Haunted Wordsmith:


11 thoughts on “A Grey Day In London”

  1. It’s blasting sunny here, which sadly triggers head pain for me. I love a soothing calm overcast day. Your grey London pics look so peaceful… I could just imagine walking around sans sunglasses, stopping into shops, and not having to worry about being smashed by blindingly bright light. πŸ™‚

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    1. I have to wear sunglasses when it is sunny, and I usually wear a wide-brimmed had too. I also find intense sun can trigger head pain. But I have to admit, everything looks wonderful in the sun. It makes me smile from ear to ear.

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