I Have Bookmarked This Chapter

spring 1

During the past few weeks, I managed to squeeze in a journey across the country with a special little box. I have not thought a lot about that trip. It was so rushed. I had a purpose, a mission. Mission completed, I returned to London. Quickly, I was back to the hustle and bustle. I didn’t have time to contemplate what had just happened.

But it’s times when I have a moment to pause, when I think of her in that little box, fast asleep in a very beautiful location near to people I love. I feel relief. She is somewhere special to me.

A special chapter in my life. A chapter that came as a surprise and instigated great excitement. A chapter that did not end the way I would have hoped, but instead, a tearful ending. I will often pick up the book with the stories of my life, and flick back through the pages to this chapter and remember  the intricate details, the intricate moments, every nuance, every emotion, all the drama, all the trauma.

But I feel a sense of peace.

8 thoughts on “I Have Bookmarked This Chapter

    1. I think it’s my marker…I sometimes think about how nobody in the world (other than those very close to me) will know, or think about, or remember what has happened. But for me, this has been a huge event in my life and I want to keep it marked as very special.

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