All Will Be Well

dark clouds

I am afraid to set sail again

What storms will be ahead?

I doubt if I have the strength

To keep battling fierce winds

I know there are joys ahead

Rainbow skies and warm sun

But the black clouds that loom

Make me afraid to set sail again

I hear your voice whispering to my heart

Trust me and all will be well



20 thoughts on “All Will Be Well

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I wrote this after I had the sad loss a month ago. I had a few days to rest which was wonderful, but being in that protective bubble, I had a dread of having to go back to work and the busy hustle and bustle here with that sadness weighing on me and feeling fragile. But things were fine. People are so good in general. I felt better for being back at work.


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    1. Thank you Sarah.
      I wrote this one just before I had to go back to work a few weeks ago. I had a very sad loss, and I had to rest for a few days, which was great, but I was so scared of getting back to real life, after being in a little protective bubble for a few days.


        1. Aaaaaw – as would I ❤

          I just feel as if I have been blessed so much already…how can I possibly ask for more?

          * If I was out of the woods with my head injuries,
          * If I thought I would be more of a blessing than a burden to him.
          * If I thought he needed me

          I don't know, I love him so much, but there are many reasons I feel I should be very grateful for the Goldfinch chapter of my life…and not sulk over not having the Hollywood ending.

          He has brought me great joy and enriched my life. And now he is my favourite penpal 🙂

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          1. You are so right…we all have so much to be grateful for and asking for more seems somewhat greedy!
            Well, who knows what future holds for you two! Live in the today and tomorrow will take care of itself. ❤️

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