In Case You Missed It!

bake together 3

We had a wonderful day yesterday hosting


Just in case you missed the fun, here is an idea of the amazing cakes that were baked by our fellow bloggers:

We had some cakes from first time bakers or those who had never made a sponge cake before! Thank you so much for bravely taking on the challenge for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF! You are wonderful! 

A few of us had some challenges during our time in the kitchen! But it only added to the fun on Sunday and a huge thanks goes to those bloggers who were great sports and brave enough to submit bakes that won a special NOD FROM GARY! 

We had some very special party cakes: 

Cakes for chocoholics and coffee and booze enthusiasts: 

Spectacular fruity cakes: 

We had a naked cake! The perfect sandwich cake:

Naked Cake

And we had a cake that belongs in a special category all of it’s own

– it’s beyond all words to describe it:

Gary's Cake 1

As you may know our special judge A Jeanne in the Kitchen has published a post announcing the STAR BAKER of THE 2019 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF as you can see in her post below:

And the Winners Are ……..

Later on we will publish the final round-up including the cake created by our STAR BAKER! And then we will promise there will be no more mention of cake for another year or so (well…not from me anyway!!)

Thank you so much for joining int the party and making

THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF soooooo special!!!


25 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It!”

  1. Great event, CC. Every entrant far, far exceeded my own capability but boy, let’s face it there were some ugly bakes among the beauts that had my lower jaw quivering yet represented baking at its homely best. 11 out of 10 to all for effort and a delight to see them all photographed in their hedonistic glory. Methinks Mr Kipling is in for a troubled night. If you need any help scoffing the exhibits- even the back-markers, I’d be happy to help

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