They Won’t Forget This Birthday Cake

I woke up this morning and logged straight into my e-mail account to find cake photos that have been sent in while I was asleep. I saw an e-mail with cake photos from the brilliant Amanda Cade Amanda Cade. The first words in Amanda’s e-mail were “Well, you wanted a few disasters…”

My heart lifted when I saw those words and I sat up in bed and read Amanda’s fabulous post which is so funny to read:

disaster cake

Now…I am thrilled Amanda sent in her photos (some more below) and was willing to call it a disaster – but I think it’s obvious to all that it would be a delicious disaster – CHOCOLATE MOUSSE! in a cake – come on!!! I don’t think it needs to look great – just give me the whole lot maybe in a large bowl rather than a plate, set me up watching the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and I will be in paradise!

Actually the slice that has been cut in Amanda’s last photo shows four perfect chocolate sponge layers sandwiched with scrummy chocolate mouse. What more could anyone ask for on their birthday!

Your cake automatically collects a special NOD FROM GARY – I think he is going to be delighted with this. He had to resort to buying a cake for a recent birthday – what do you think of this one Gary?

Thank you so much Amanda! Hope you have a great time for the rest of the weekend including the party! We are sure they will love your cake as much as we do!!

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