The Tiramisu Cake

Our next blogger has taken perhaps my favourite dessert ever and made it into a cake!!!

hawkfeatherstories Carolyn – hawkfeatherstories has sent us photos of this bella torta. I think I am in love! A “Tiramisu Sponge Cake” – a two-layered Italian sponge cake soaked in espresso and Amaretto. (Our first boozy cake!!) It is filled with traditional mascarpone filling and topped with cocoa powder.

the tiramisu cake.jpg

Here are some more of the great photos of how this delicious cake was created:

Being in love with an Italian dessert cake makes me think of one of the songs from our MUSIC TO BAKE TO post earlier today:

8 thoughts on “The Tiramisu Cake”

    1. I love tiramisu! I still remember the first time I ever tried it in a gorgeous Italian restaurant down in London. I never make it – only because I have some friends who make it so well, that I don’t dare compete – I just show my appreciation for their skills by gobbling up as much as I can of their tiramisu!

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