The Orange Almond Sponge Cake

Our next brilliant blogger rugby843 rugby843 – The Bag Lady  has created a phenomenal cake with her grandson. They have made an orange almond sponge cake.

Cheryl sent me a message earlier this week saying she had never made a sponge. I don’t want to make Gary feel bad…but, Cheryl has made a terrific cake and I am amazed she has never made a sponge before.

Take a look at Cheryl’s wonderful post for more photos and the story behind her cake’s creation:

Orange Almond Cake

Cheryl – I was trying to think of a song to link to your orange almond cake – and for some reason my favourite orange cartoon character came to mind! I am not in any way teasing Gary!

5 thoughts on “The Orange Almond Sponge Cake”

    1. I have been so inspired by the variety of cakes that were made. I want to try to make an orange cake first because I have never made one. Then I am going to try the tiramisu cake. There are a couple of others which I am scared to try because they looked so amazing – but the thought of raspberries and dark chocolate and lemon meringue and white chocolate make me go weak at the knees!


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