Naked Cake!

This cake is a perfect sandwich cake created by the superb popsiclesociety popsiclesociety. I do love that the filling is the thickest layer of all – that is my kind of cake! Ribana published a gorgeous post describing her baking creation:

She added lime zest to her vanilla sponge so it has a slight citrus flavour. The filling is a vanilla pastry cream with whipped cream added for lightness. She has also added passion fruit. Her cake is very light but an explosion of flavours! I think I would devour it if it fell into my hands!

Naked Cake!.png

Ribana – thank you for a perfect sandwich cake which sounds divine!

13 thoughts on “Naked Cake!”

    1. You should be very proud – it looks perfect and I love the flavours you chose to use. I love lime and I love passion fruit. Next time we want one big enough for all of us to share with you two!

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