Music To Bake To

I know that for some bloggers trying to bake something for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF might be rather stressful (we don’t want you to be stressed, we want you to have fun). But for others baking is great fun. When I have time to bake, I love some music on in the background to make baking less stressful.

So to help all of our baking bloggers along…we have a playlist that will be perfect for you while baking your creation for:


14 thoughts on “Music To Bake To

    1. So much fun putting this together Laura!!!
      If you like it any of this stuff – please feel free to re-blog or use it – you always seem to have a theme for each day!
      This is the only day I have ever had a whole day on one theme! Everyone is going to be sick of cake by the end of today!!

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