Gâteau Au Chocolat Framboise Spectaculaire

Our next sumptuous cake is from the lovely Sheree Sheree – View from the Back, who is a spectacular cook and baker and regularly publishes posts featuring the outstanding the cuisine of France.

Sheree’s cake had three layers of genoise sponge soaked in Framboise liqueur. It was filled with rich chocolate meringue butter cream and topped with fresh raspberries and surrounded by chocolate curls.

This spectacular cake was baked for the celebrations of a 6oth Birthday fro one of Sheree’s clubmates. Have a look at Sheree’s own wonderful BAKE-OFF post to read more about her creation:


chocolate and raspberry cake

Nobody can quite make their cakes look as romantic and taste as exquisite as the French can they!

Here is to everything the French have brought to our plates and to baking!

19 thoughts on “Gâteau Au Chocolat Framboise Spectaculaire”

    1. Isn’t it a delight! I meant to ask Sheree if it was dark chocolate . I am going to have to try something like this because the thought of chocolate and raspberries has completely captivated me now.

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      1. Oh, oh, oh… What a delight. I need to skip baking cookies and go into the cake department. So many more delicious possibilities! (Also the weight gain but never mind 😁) 🙋‍♀️🐝

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