Chococcino – Caramel Style

I have been busy in the kitchen! And I am a very popular bunny. There was always this fear in the back of my head that nobody else would bake. So, at the same time as working on posts for THE GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE-OFF, I thought maybe I should bake a couple of sandwich cakes for the cake-parade. And I have been taking cake round to my friend’s homes when I have been invited for home dinners within the last couple of weeks. This is one of them:

chococcino cake.png

This is the cake that was probably the most popular with my friends. The chococcino cake – absolutely perfect with your coffee! In fact I decorated it with a coffee cup – just in case you were wondering what on earth that was supposed to be on the top there.

I followed the recipe from the BBC Food Website – I always bake with a recipe:

It is a chocolate sponge with a coffee mascarpone filling and topping. I added a few extras. In the sandwich layer in the middle I have a layer of chocolate popping candy – because it turns out that popping candy in cake is quite a treat. On the top of the cake I have chocolate covered coffee beans and some chocolate crispy bits.


I am not showing off…it’s whoever wrote the recipe that deserves all credit – but this chococcino cake is truly scrumptious! Not quite as scrumptious as Goldfinch though!

Oh dear…I feel a song coming on – one that I missed off the MUSIC TO BAKE TO post!

20 thoughts on “Chococcino – Caramel Style

    1. I realized that all the recipes I have say to use an 8inch tin. My cake tins are all 7inch – so they all ended up being rather tall!
      I am blessed to have a lot of friends and family who love to bake – they are all foodies!

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