You Give Me The Energy To Want To Live



As has always been the case

You give me the energy to want to live

Your love shining down, warming my heart

I will move forward and onwards

I won’t forget what has happened here

You took some of your power

And reignited my bones

I will walk, I may fall

But I will rise again

I will run

I may even fly

We’ll see about that

With your power, I will go on living

23 thoughts on “You Give Me The Energy To Want To Live

    1. Thank you lovely – that is very kind of you.
      I just had a peek at your site, I really like the style of your posts. You have a site packed with wise words presented in such an attractive way.

      Have a great weekend 🙂


        1. Which is your first post Rajini? I clicked onto your site at I read some of your posts…even going back to your archived posts.
          Is there one particularly that you want me to have a look at?


    1. Thank you Sadje – I wrote it thinking about how much creation fills me with joy and wonder and energy – it is so very wonderful to be alive. Even when we go through sad times, there is so much wonderful everywhere we look 🙂

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  1. My comment wasnt meant to upset or be disrespectful toward you. I was simply trying to reiterate that beautiful strength and power you have within yourself… That we all do.. And that sometimes when we lose sight of it, our friends will help us remember.


    1. Hi Nova

      I am at work right now. I have just done a bulk edit of my spam folder. There was a crazy amount of messages from Nike and Amoxicillin mostly and something else that looked rather bizarre. Have I deleted one of your comments?


    1. Unless you were calling me nasties and defaming me with exotic language I very much doubt you would say anything to upset me Nova – you are such a lovely person.

      I think someone overreacted to one of your posts recently – don’t let anyone spoil the fun in blogging – it’s all fun to me.

      I am having one of those days. Work is very busy…my WP notifications and e-mail have been going crazy because of the BAKE-OFF (which is wonderful really, only I am finding it hard to keep up) and the most annoying part of my day is the tights I am wearing. Every time I stand up, they roll down…it is winding me up so much that these tights won’t stay up. I don’t know what I look like having to yank them up every five minutes!!!


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