Settling Universal Issues


At one time man’s accomplishments seemed so impressive

Men would slap each other on the back and offer congratulations

Progress, technological advancement, commercial victories

Empires that were built brick by brick with blood and sweat


Crumbling, decaying beyond all hope of repair and renovation

Will they really be mourned now that they are being exposed

The destruction they have wreaked, the slaves they have broken

The misery for many, while the few lavish themselves in riches


The end is truly nigh for the corrupt, the mercenary, the greedy

The beginning is near for those who want to live in peace and security

To show proper care for their home planet and all it’s creatures

For those who want all to thrive and live a full and rewarding life


Who is right to rule? that was the question raised long ago

A judicial record has been established and is on public record

Every form of rulership has come and gone, been tried and failed

As forecast, the result has been pain and groaning for all creation


But as in any court case – there is a limited period to argue a case

None of this has been time wasted, for now it’s not just we who’ll know

There is a judicial precedent that has been established once and for all

Never again in the entire universe will this question need to be answered


For if anyone ever challenges who should rule and determine right and wrong

A great cry will come from Planet Earth, from those who witnessed for themselves

That so often power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

How intelligent creatures dominate and injure each other without remorse


The beginning is near, the start of a new way of life, a new way things work

He says that within one thousand years all of the damage will be undone

If there’s one thing that brings me peace and calm in the darkest hour

It’s the thought of every creature in the universe being content and at peace



Well…I did not know quite where I was going with this one! I loved the picture prompt from Helene and I had an idea…but I have been so tired, it is very poorly executed indeed. Still…I tried, and some of my idea is there, just a bit obscure perhaps.

Weekly challenge

20 thoughts on “Settling Universal Issues

  1. You did a tremendous writing with the prompt. It is crystal clear as you express the truth of today’s world.

    These two lines sum it up, they capture the essence of the poem’s meaning.
    …”The end is truly nigh for the corrupt, the mercenary, the greedy
    The beginning is near for those who want to live in peace and security…”

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    1. Thank you so much Helene. I was falling asleep while I was writing this after a very long working day. But as soon as I saw your picture I knew what it made me think about.

      Than you for reblogging it too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Michael – I feel as if I should have worked on this when I was more awake. I wrote it after a twelve hour day at work and I was fighting to keep my eyes open. I think my thoughts were clear in my head but became a little muddled when I tried to put them together in this post.

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  2. The New Jerusalem – a Revelation! 😉

    I find i have great ideas i want to put into words, but in the process of choosing them new perspectives arise that can send me along another track. Writing tired likely does not help all that much! 😉

    You still did a better job than i would have! 🙂


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