The Size Of An Apricot


“About the size of an apricot”

That’s all I could bear to read about you

But at some point I will be brave

I want to know everything about you

And the life you had

I want to understand the little miracle

That I carried within

An apricot is not very big

But you are the biggest event in my life

Your brief time will last forever

Safe within my heart


16 thoughts on “The Size Of An Apricot

    1. Aaaw Kristian – I wrote it when I had lots of tears too. There is another poem I have written…I think I have scheduled it to be published in a few days time – I was proper sobbing throughout. But it was helpful to have the quiet time alone to be able to express my feelings in these little ditties before I had to be back at work and with friends putting a brave face on.

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    1. I wish I could suggest the perfect words or gesture – but I can’t. I was glad to have a few days of quiet on my own before I had to be back at work. I have chosen not to tell a lot of people, but those who do know have been very lovely and sweet. Just knowing that others feel for you, are empathetic – even if they have not been through the same – and are happy to be gentle with you while you recover from what is a huge and painful disappointment.


  1. Hugs my darling girl. Hugs. I am going on almost 30 years and every anniversary I cry myself to sleep. T wonders about her and I tell him she is looking out for him. It does ease any time you need to talk I am here.

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