The Night Will Pass


Keep the darkness away from my heart

Let not my life become barren

Help me keep my eyes fixed on your light

The night will pass, daybreak will come

13 thoughts on “The Night Will Pass

    1. Thank you Beckie – I was ever so sad a couple of weeks ago. Such a mix of emotions – didn’t want to be swallowed up by sadness. But I am happy that it was very natural to feel sad with such a big disappointment. Just determined to keep looking to brighter times.

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    1. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago after I found out some very sad news. I am ok…at the time it was overwhelming. I had to rest up and while I was resting and drinking hot tea and eating cake – I wrote about twenty little ditties. I have been publishing one a day.
      I am ok…going back to work and being with friends helps – people are so wonderful in general. It is natural for me to have felt so sad, and I am sure whenever I remember what has happened I will feel sad, but I am ok. I am a person who enjoys life very much…but you know, we all have our little heart-breaks every now and then.

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