A Phenomenon


Here is a phenomenon none of my physics books explain

How is it that the moment I finish my prayer

The door bell rang

I don’t have a door for strangers to call upon

I just happened to be at the home of a friend

Silently praying

They rang the doorbell as I said “Amen”

And they soothed my aching heart

With your words

I have no idea how this miracle of prayer

Works faster than the speed of light

You answered

Nowhere on earth could I be alone

Even when my whispers to you are within

You hear me

10 thoughts on “A Phenomenon

    1. It felt like a miracle. Nobody would know I live where I live (unless they are my friends) because my front door is the other side of two huge locked gates and down some stairs where I have a private courtyard. But I was round at a friends house. She was on the phone when the doorbell rang and she asked me to answer the door. One of the ladies at the door has had a couple of miscarriages and she was just the perfect person, she loveliness itself, and she showed me some very beautiful verses that said she found very comforting when she had been through loss herself. My friend was cross afterwards, she said she would have slammed the door in their faces. I told her that they were just what I needed and I had been sitting on the sofa praying within because I was feeling so overwhelmed with sadness and the pain was so raw.
      So the way everything worked out, me being at my friend’s home, her being on the phone and asking me to answer the door, me praying, and the perfect person being at the door who knew exactly which words to show me from the scriptures. It’s little experiences like that that are so personal, so touching, so obviously an expression of tender care that make me feel loved.

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