The Not So Famous Five

three childrenThere are days when the best company are little children. There are days when they somehow sense you need them to go easy on you.

For some reason I have always found it very easy to have a conversation with a child, a real conversation I mean. Some of my friends laugh at me because their kids suddenly grow up and start chatting like an adult would when conversing with me.

I was going to be spending the day with a friend today whose little ones go to primary school and nursery. But they were all ill last night, so when I arrived Claire apologised that she had the three little ones. She was worried in case it might upset me. Nope, I wasn’t upset. I did wonder if I had the energy for the little ones.

But they were great all three of them. They were so well behaved. They lolloped around, as did I. The five of us, their mum and the three little ones and I read some stories, played a card game, made some cup cakes, and then we watched The Postman Pat movie – I had no idea there was a Postman Pat movie until today.

It was a very pleasant day, and it was not tiring. I think Claire must have told her children I was not very well. Because they kept patting me and saying they hoped I would feel better soon. So sweet! Little Olivia who normally goes to nursery, said to me, “the best days to be sick are rainy days. We all picked a good day to be sick.”

It was a lovely day and I am glad I shared it with Claire and her three little ones. We got on famously well!

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