Caramel After Loss

lossThis is just a post just to explain that I have scheduled a few posts to be published during the coming week which may seem a little different to my usual style of posts.

I have had to rest a lot this week. I have had quite a rough week. I think some of you understand why. If you have not understood why, don’t worry, it matters not. Just remembering that all bloggers have their losses, some little and some large, and we all have sad times. Anyway…I didn’t feel I wanted to write openly about it. But as with any dramatic event in life, I have had many thoughts and feelings. I have wanted to express them in some way.

It has been very soothing and helpful to write some ditties. I am always afraid to call them poems because they don’t really have a structure as such. But they don’t have punctuation or paragraphs. I was not in the mood to think about grammar, and certainly not rhyming! I didn’t have the energy to explain everything. So my ditties might seem a bit jumbled.

curled upThey are just me, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea trying to unburden my heavy heart. I feel a lot better after I have written a little ditty, or whatever you may call them. I have created a little section on my site in the menus section named “CARAMEL AFTER LOSS”.

I am going to be fine. I have a great deal of support and plenty to keep me busy. But I am very grateful for all of the kind comments I have received of late. It’s very touching.

The little ditties I have scheduled to be published for the following week or so, don’t be worried about me when you read them. They are a record of how I was feeling this past week, but not how I will be feeling next week, or the week after that. Even when I have been through sad times, I am very much a person who exults in all the good in life. So worry not!

My only sermon to one and all is that humans are fragile. So be kind, only ever be kind. Because you never know the losses someone might be carrying around in their heart. One in four women have been through a very painful loss. There is a reason why it’s a lovely thing for a man to stand up for a woman on the bus or train. One in four of the women on the bus or train will have had a very painful loss.

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