The Awfulness


I just was not quite prepared for the awfulness of it

Nothing prepares you really for the awfulness.

I spoke to a friend who has experienced the awfulness herself

She made me think of things I would not have thought about


That’s why I took out the little childhood memories

From my treasured paua shell box

And placed a silk scarf inside it

So you would be safe and warm


There’s a beautiful location where I hope you can rest

I need to speak to my family first

You will always be remembered

Never fear you are alone


Little one I have worked in healthcare for many years

I have had to do many difficult things

But this was one of the most awful

The awfulness has passed us by

18 thoughts on “The Awfulness

      1. I just realized which post you were looking at….

        I thought you were talking about six people sleeping in a car in a car-park in Whitby.

        One of the saddest things I have been through. I think I cried buckets over the past couple of weeks in all honesty. Hard to write about it openly (I find it hard) but it was awful.


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