They Named A Fruit After Jack!

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I have been vegetarian since I was six years old. One thing I did not have for a long time, was variety in my diet. Variety means so much to me now.

For a long time my diet consisted of either very cheesy dishes or those made with lots of tomatoes  – and I ate a lot of pasta and bread. My favourite combination of those basics being being a mozzarella and tomato baguette with pesto dressing – yum.

But when I started to earn my own money, I was excited to find new flavours and ingredients and expand my culinary skills. It was great to discover vegetables and pulses that I had not tried before. Although I never had the desire to eat meat or fish, I was bored of just cheese and tomatoes. Avocados and hummus became my new staples especially after I became sensitive to dairy.

When I moved to London and had friends from forty other countries – I asked my friends for cookery lessons so I could make vegetarian dishes from their cuisines. I have to admit I love variety. I love it! I still love making new discoveries of flavours.

Well, this past year I have been excited by how many bistros and cafes are featuring jackfruit on their menus. Jackfruit is more like a vegetable, but has a meaty texture. From jackfruit burgers to jackfruit curries. I can’t get enough of it! It’s so exciting to have a new flavour on vegetarian menus. I have seen in the supermarket chiller units jackfruit pizzas and packets of pulled jackfruit.

I have been looking at recipes on line so I can start cooking jackfruit dishes myself and have found jackfuit pies, jackfruit tacos, jackfruit fritters. Love it!!!

I have been reading all about jackfruit and where it grows and am looking out for more and more recipes.

Fancy naming a fruit after Jack!!

21 thoughts on “They Named A Fruit After Jack!”

  1. Oh I’ve seen that jackfruit before but never knew what it was. Neither how it looked inside. It tastes like what? Can we eat it raw?

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    1. I have not eaten it raw, so I have no idea. I have had it lots of times in restaurants and bistros, and I have bought a few products with it from the supermarket. I love the taste. It works so well in spicy dishes.

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  2. You might like the lentil pomegranate salad I did a post about recently. If you go to my website I have the recipe. It’s so good! It’s under the food section. I serve it around the holidays because it looks so festive, but equally delicious.

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    1. I just realized….you were asking me about the vegan sausage roll not the jackfruit burger! Lol I am really not with it at the moment.

      The vegan sausage roll had no zing!

      I enjoyed every mouthful of the vegan sausage roll – it was well worth the wait.

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