Strawberry Delight

Ten weeks since my last night with Goldfinch – aaaah sigh!

strawberry delight.pngToday I have read all about strawberries. What is bothering me is that strawberries can vary so much in size. I bought some last night and some were three times the times of others. But I have in my mind the size of an average strawberry.

Whenever I see strawberries I think of my Mum. My Mum has had three of her children in June. She always said that she loved having a genuine excuse to watch the whole of Wimbledon with her feet up and satisfy her desire by eating as many strawberries served with cream as she wished for.

I feel happy and excited at the moment. I know changes and challenges are ahead, but I feel good about them.

19 thoughts on “Strawberry Delight

  1. For some bizarre reason this post made me think of Holly have a huge intellectual battle about why Onions have different amounts of skin in the Red Dwarf novel backwards


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