He Said He Loves My Femininity

I have been nominated for another TELL THE STORY Challenge by Rory, aka A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! as you can see from his post below:


I am going to admit, the photo prompt that Rory gave me frightened the living daylights out of me! You can click onto Rory’s post to see the photo if you like, but it scared me too much to use the whole thing. So I have cropped it and am just using a less scary part of the photo! The photo prompt is directly under the title and I have thrown in a few extras just to brighten up my story.

He Said He Loves My Femininity

pink tights

I was so self-conscious as I sat opposite him. I kept looking down at the table and then sipping the cocktail slowly. I was too embarrassed to make eye contact with him. He looked as if he wanted to gobble me up. I could not bare the way he had looked me up and down when I walked into the bar earlier in the evening.

He told me he likes that I am “all woman”. What on earth is that supposed to mean? I thanked him before I started pondering what he meant. He asked me what bra size I take! I was mortified with embarrassment. Could he possibly have made himself seem any more like a creep??? I said I am not really sure right now as I have not had a proper fitting for three years so I am probably wearing the wrong size underwear. I think my Dad would have told me to leave at that point.

When it came to ordering food, I chose a very light starter and told him I was not hungry. I had completely lost my appetite once he started making such embarrassing personal comments. He commented that it must take a lot of discipline to keep myself in such great shape. That’s when I started to feel sick. I started fidgeting with every item on the table, and straightening the place settings and napkin.

He started telling me that his mother was in and out of hospital when he was a very young child, so he has always felt he missed out on the natural closeness most children have with their mothers. He said that he had always looked for a woman who had a motherly character. I sat there hearing what he had to say in horror, wondering why he was telling me at this point that he has “mummy issues”, and praying silently “oh ground, please open up and swallow me whole”!

He reached his arm across the table and took my hand in his and said to me: “I love your femininity.” With that I had to excuse myself from the table and I rushed towards the ladies. I was so sick!

I am blaming Goldfinch!

I have spent a year in love and I know I am glowing. I know it and it is annoying. I know I am womanly and feminine, gentle, soft-spoken, graceful, mild, just like my mother. After I was attacked, I was prickly, hostile, stern and cold. But Goldfinch made all of that melt away and with him I started to glow again.

It’s a scary place to be. I don’t want to be told I am feminine and womanly by other men. I want to be safely wrapped up in Goldfinch’s arms away from anyone else.


Alright I will admit, I find it hard to write flash-fiction when I have so many stories from my life that I can write about. For those who were inquisitive about the two dates I have been on since Goldfinch left, this post may help you to envision why it was I ended up being sick on my first date. The second date was not much better.



So this is the photo I am giving to my nominees for the TELL THE STORY Challenge:


Now I know there are lot of these TELL THE STORY Challenges floating around and I do not know who is participating in them, and who has had too many nominations already. So I don’t want anyone to feel any obligation especially if the do not feel inspired by the photo. The three bloggers I am going to nominate are:



9 thoughts on “He Said He Loves My Femininity”

    1. Thank you. I feel a bit of a meanie using the worst parts of my date to write my flash-fiction challenge.
      He did and said some nice things too! He seems alright. But I chose the worst of what he said and did to write this in response to Rory’s prompt.

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