How Do Grapes Grow?

It’s just over nine weeks since Goldfinch flew out to Australia. It feels like longer, much longer.


Today I have been reading about grapes! So I wrote a ditty (I am not going to call it a poem because I have no idea what it is) about grapes growing, because it helped me to divert some of the wonder I am feeling because of everything I am reading at the moment. Sometimes you need to find a way to express that awe within you, and even if the way you express it is not remarkable, it brings such a relief to get it out of you into the open:


The sun has been streaming down upon you

Fresh rains pouring to make you plump

Hidden away deep inside

Noone really understands this gift of life

How a nothing, a tiny seed gains that spark

And obeys the order to grow

Expanding steadily whilst nourished by sun

You greedily soak up dew and nutrients

Tiniest parts developing

And people will celebrate at your harvest

They will drink wine and rejoice

Over the miracle of growth




12 thoughts on “How Do Grapes Grow?

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I wrote this last spring. I was being discreet at the time, but I was actually reading about the development of the life growing inside me. Week by week I would read about my developing child and how much it was growing. I think it went from blueberry to grape to strawberry to apricot.
      So the wonder I was feeling was about human life developing secretly inside. I didn’t want to talk openly about in on my blog at the time, but I found ways to express how I was feeling.


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