Dedicated To Jack

I really tried with Jack.

I still don’t understand what went wrong. I knew there was a something. But it was such a miserable time for me.

But I know there was a something. I know there are a lot of people thinking about the person they love at the moment.

Three men have had a major influence on my life:

  • My teenage sweetheart – James but everyone called him Jammy (I still need to write a post about him).
  • My soul mate and flat mate – Jack, the man who knocked me off my feet quite literally – perhaps the love of my life – the one who I am perfect for, but who broke me to pieces.
  • My salvation – the man who rescued me in every way that it is possible to be rescued – Goldfinch.

Well…I am going to be writing plenty about Goldfinch…so this post is dedicated to Jack.

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