There Could Be Trouble Ahead

I have had to take pain killers all day today. Normally it is only in the morning when I take them. Yet the pain killers have not covered the pain. It’s been intense and all in one area rather than darting around.

There were a couple of times when I just sat on the floor and put my legs in that A position they teach you in first aid because the pain in my head was overwhelming and my chest was tightening and I was having to concentrate on breathing deep breaths.

I have been trying to take it slowly today. I had work to do, but I moved slowly. Yet I have had the typical nausea, dizziness, chest pains and irregular breathing and gasping for breath that tell me I should ring my GP, or if it’s any worse overnight, ring a friend and ask them to take me to hospital.

Hopefully after a good night’s sleep, things will settle down! I don’t want to work myself up and become anxious. But especially now…I am aware that I need to look after this body, especially now, it is important to look after this body!

I know a lot of you have to deal with pain due to various conditions. Do you start to worry like I do that this might be it – and start texting your family and friends to let them know that you love them??

That might sound ridiculous to someone who does not know overpowering pain, but honestly it is frightening. I have been sitting up in bed calmly for about an hour with my legs raised because when I lie down the pain in my head becomes so much worse. But I am tired…I need to sleep. I am wondering if I might just prop myself up with all the pillows and the cushions from the sofa and hopefully I will nod off while I am sat up.

Let’s not worry, not be anxious…let’s just make sure everyone knows I love them and hope I nod off soon!!! Ha ha! My sister Mandy can have my dresses and Milly can have my coats. My friend Louise wants my black suede boots from Jones (the bootmakers). My Scarpa walking boots are almost new – make sure someone takes them because they are great boots. Goldfinch can have anything he wants!!! I can’t think of anything he would want though! Still…if there was anything.

22 thoughts on “There Could Be Trouble Ahead

    1. Thanks Laura. Last night was a rough night! I only had a couple of hours sleep before I had to start trying to get myself up and ready for work. My chest is so much more comfortable today but I still have a lot of pain in my head. Feeling a bit odd! Can’t wait til work is finished tonight.

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    1. I am a very bad patient (as a lot who have worked in healthcare are) – I try to endure it until I realize I have no choice! But today is not as painful as yesterday. I was becoming distressed last night, but was trying to keep a sense of humour about it.
      I did have to go to hospital several times this year, but no visits yet in 2019. I have another CT scan coming soon anyway.
      But everything that happens has to go down in a book in between appointments with my consultant and unplanned visits to hospital.

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    1. I was rather distressed last night, but the pain in my chest has passed now. It’s only my head that is making it hard to function today.
      It’s one of those things, a recurrent feature of life since I had my head injuries…but I am not as anxious today.


  1. It sounds horrible. I’m used to head pain from migraines, but yours is different and seems scary because it’s newer. So, I can understand the anxiety. It probably helps to make those lists, you know? Like a calming meditation. In Game of Thrones, Arya puts herself to sleep each night by naming all the people she wants to kill. Same same!

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    1. I have never seen Game Of Thrones….this character sounds a bit on the scary side!

      I get scared sometimes. Not so much for my sakes…more a panic to make sure everyone else is alright. That might sound daft, I just think my family and close friends have been more upset by what has happened to me than I have. So I am always trying to make it easier for them.

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  2. I’m so sorry! I’m behind reading other’s blog post. I hope you’re feeling better. What you are describing is similar to how I feel when my blood pressure is super high. That is, of course, very serious. Did you go to your GP or have I missed a post? 😟

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    1. My BP is definitely effected. It can go either way.
      I have had a better day today. I have had this for the past three and half years…which is annoying. I have had mixed comments from doctors. At first I was told I was very lucky to be alive. But as time has passed, I think doctors are more frustrated than I am than something seems to be unsettled within my brain. The focus in more recent times is the area near my brain stem.
      Oh Marianna…sometimes it’s just frustrating. I am used to episodes similar and much worse than I had yesterday. But as the day wore on I was finding it distressing.
      Today has been better. Just my head today, not my breathing and chest.

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      1. It is frustrating for sure. When I went to some doctors, I felt they would think it was all in my head. My labs kept coming back clean. Keep pushing the issue. I hope you’re feeling better soon my friend. 😌

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