I Have Never Even Heard Of An Elfchen

Nova, the creator of My Namastè 365 Online, has tagged me for a challenging challenge as you can see from her post below:


This is particularly challenging to me because I have never heard of an elfchen! However, Nova has provided a helpful explanation:

An elfchen is an 11 word poem written in 5 lines

— Line 1=1word,  Line 2=2words,  Line 3=3words, Line 4=4 words,  Line 5 =1 word.  

Lines 1 and 5 should not be the same word.  

Woah! That sounds so difficult!!! I will try…but this really is a challenge for the likes of me who tends to write long waffling posts!!! But “if we don’t try new challenges…” well, something bad, I can’t think how the saying goes. Oh yes, now I remember…”we don’t grow!”

Here is my Elchen:


In love

Where is he?

Not by my side



Thank you for the challenging challenge Nova! Here is to challenges that make us grow!! Now I know what an elfchen is. I have learnt something today! But now it is time to go to sleep and leave other bloggers on a different time zone to me to keep the blogging world entertained!

I believe I am to challenge three other bloggers to write an elfchen!

23 thoughts on “I Have Never Even Heard Of An Elfchen”

    1. Hey Rory
      ..I have used part of your picture to write a story – that is one scary picture! I have so much scheduled to be published at the moment, so I have scheduled it for the start of next week 🙂

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