Who Or What Effects Your Creativity?

“…me on a canvass…”

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Well, I am going to admit that I always feel a bit uncomfortable about the word “creative”. All the way through school, I was the one who achieved 100% exam results in maths, and could churn out twenty page essays in English and History. I wasn’t bad at languages. I was on all the school sports teams. But could I draw or make anything out of clay, wood, metal, cloth or wool? Nope!

So I have never identified with that word “creative”, which I always associate with artists. Even in English class, it was character studies and analysis that won me top marks, as well as writing about my personal views. I was awful at poetry and I was not particularly imaginative when it came to story writing.

However…since I have been blogging, other bloggers have taught me more than a few things. For example, before I started blogging, I had no idea what flash-fiction was. But I have been reading such clever short stories with brilliant twists from the likes of Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith and Kristian, the creator of Tales From The Mind Of Kristian, and have become familiar with a whole new genre of writing for me.

Other bloggers have taught me so much about how to write and how to be creative and imaginative. I have not attempted many flash-fiction posts, but recently these TELL THE STORY Challenges have been doing the rounds, and I have been tagged for I think five so far (two are scheduled to be published next week). The last two were, I dare to say, a rare example of me actually being creative and not just relating my own experiences. Just in case you missed my rare flash-fiction posts this past week, here they are:


So I guess it’s about time I supplied two quotes on creativity. I have seen a lot of similar posts, so I am hoping I am not using the same quotes others have used.

Now…I would like to share part of a comment that Ursula, the creator of An Upturned Soul, very kindly made in reply to a comment I made on one of her posts. I found what she said very thought provoking and deeply encouraging:

“I think what you’ve decided to do recently on your blog, to tell your raw, real, and painful story, is very brave and truly beautiful. It’s inspiring. It is art – but it’s not the obvious kind of art which can be sold in a gallery, can be recorded or filmed, etc, and marketed as art. It’s the art of living life, and sharing your experience of living your life is creating art….

…Keep going with your journey as you’re doing it. It will terrify you at times. It will make your heart leap with joy at other times. Everything you do, say, are is the creative art of Crushed Caramel.”

I have thought a lot about Ursula’s comment. As I mentioned previously, I have never considered myself as creative, more academic in all honesty. But Ursula helped me to see that even though most of my posts are actually about my life, it is becoming through the writing process, “creative art”.

Although I am still learning to express myself more confidently, I am learning. I am putting parts of myself onto a canvass and trying to present something that is worthwhile for others to regard and gain some enjoyment from (well, that’s the idea – I am not out to annoy anyone, rather to bring a little ray of sunshine to your day).

I am very much writing from the heart. But writing is helping me sift through all sorts of thoughts and emotions and in some ways refine parts of me, helping me discard some of the dross now that I have finally dug it out of the sunken depths of my inner heart, and helped me to polish up the parts of me that I feel most content and pleased with. So in many ways it is helping me to become the person who I want to be.


For my second quote…well, I saw this and I could not resist it:

In all honesty, I don’t remember eating paste (unless we are counting vegetable sandwich paste – yuck!) but I did eat paper and tin foil as a child. Don’t worry my parents tackled it as soon as they realized what I was doing.

Does that explain why I am who I am? Who knows? But I do realize that since I became conscious of being alive, my earliest memories of childhood have been shaping the person I am today.

Some of my favourite posts are in the menu on my site: LESSONS LEARNT AS A CHILD:

I am going to admit to you…I love writing about the lessons I learnt as a child. I love those memories. I love my family. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of writing, that I can share my wonderful family. And one day, I hope to share this blog with my family.

I realize how much of me was formed in my early years, my understanding of what is important in life, what the purpose of life is, why humans die, what hope there is for those who have died, how to get along with other people, learning how to cope with mistakes, developing qualities that would make me a good person and learning from the example my parents were setting.

I must admit, I know not all have had the privilege I have of two honest, hard-working, reliable, down-to-earth, gorgeous parents. Neither of whom can draw!!!

But that’s beside the point. My point is that so much of who I am today and the way I think and the way I write is due to my family, and especially my parents.

They have shared so much of themselves with me all these years, and I have loved all that they have taught me. So now, it is my absolute pleasure to live my life in harmony with the lessons they taught me, and to write about it.


Now I am to three other bloggers for the “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge:


23 thoughts on “Who Or What Effects Your Creativity?”

  1. Creativity isn’t only about fiction writing. You’re very adept at telling your own stories in a fascinating way that makes for compelling reading. There are many ways to put words on the page and you are absolutely skilled at doing it. Honestly your posts are lengthy and people wouldn’t be reading them if they weren’t so good!

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  2. Great post, great quotes … like you l do not associate the word creativity with me preferring the term inventive, at a push imaginative. I posed a question this week about whether our blogs were works of art and one response came in that made it sound very plausable and passionate about expressing our lives, our words, our memories onto a blank canvas – if this is the case then as a wise bear once told me as she has also told you – it simply means that our lives are the art form. Therefore we are creators of our own art forms 🙂

    I can live with that, but l still prefer inventive 🙂

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  3. I love that comment from Ursula. As a working artist who makes stuff that people call “art”. I get frustrated when people tell me they aren’t creative. Art is all around us. Words, paintings, beautifully plated dinners, song. We should celebrate our gifts, no matter how big or small they may seem. They are what make us who we are. And your stories? They really are my favorite. I love getting caught up in the world of Caramel. 😊


  4. Sorry for my delay in thanking you for the mention and lovely words, I got all shy and hid behind the sofa 🙂

    You’re a wonderful writer, Mel, beautifully expressive and creative, let yourself shine!

    Liked by 1 person

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