It’s Got To Get Easier

long day today



Maybe it’s because I am tired today…

…I miss you Goldfinch with raw ribbons of pain

I cast my eyes down, wipe the tears away…

…Not really a loss, but everything to gain


Thank you for leaving me with a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life


8 thoughts on “It’s Got To Get Easier”

    1. Thanks Coffee 🙂
      I am almost ready to collapse!
      Just over three hours left of my fifteen hour work day – but I have been a bit emotional today because I did not sleep well.
      Can’t wait to back at the little nest and wrapped up under my covers.

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  1. There I was talking to someone about abortion and how my oldest son was born at 29 weeks.

    I knew which box his baby book was in so I pulled it out to send my friend a photo of me holding a 29 week gestation baby of 4 lbs.

    And what do you know? A letter from someone I’d once loved was also in the box.

    For sure me reason now unknown, I’d never sent the reply.

    All that to say, I do remember him. But it doesn’t hurt anymore.

    You won’t even notice it when it stops.

    It just will.

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