Run For Your Life!

shrugI had clearly annoyed my new boss by declining to drink more wine, and then escaping his company, by retiring early for the night. But this was not something I was going to worry about. If he pressured me to drink alcohol or asked me what kind of sexual acts I enjoyed – I was going to run as far away as I could get from him.

The next morning, he was up much earlier and was making it clear that he was not happy. But I have this way of dealing with grumpy people. I ignore their grumpiness. I gave him a cheerful “Good morning” and I smiled and chatted to him, though he was unresponsive at first and kept on giving me strange glances. But my cheeriness wore him down.

I inquired about his son. I had not seen his son since I arrived and wondered why. My new boss told me that he and his son had argued a few days before and he had told his son to get out of the house. His son had gone to live with his (my boss’) ex-wife. It suddenly dawned on me that I was living alone with this man. That realization was crushing to me. This was not an acceptable arrangement. From that moment I realized I was going to have to search for another post, and I did start to look.

I asked him what his general routine is. He said he did not want me rushing round in the morning cleaning. He said he likes to take it easy in the morning. He said that after a leisurely breakfast he would drive to work (he owned a company located about a 45 minute drive away) and spend three or four hours there before heading back. He told me that if there was any cleaning to do I could do it while he was out.

He said he also went to the gym two or three times a week. He asked me if I would like to go with him as his guest. In my mind I was thinking “with you? – no way Jose!” but I just told him I don’t really like the gym, but I prefer outdoor activities to keep fit.

His reply was less than polite and left me quite staggered. He told me that I could make more of my figure. He said I had great breasts but if I went to the gym with him then I could attain a nicer shape. I had a feeling my second day at work was going to be even worse than my first!

There was nothing wrong with my shape. I was a normal weight and shape. I have always been a bit top heavy. Before I was attacked I was doing a lot of exercise as well as working long hours, so I did become leaner around my lower half. After I was attacked, I was only doing house-work for my family and I wasn’t running or playing sports, just walking. But my weight was up and down during that year. I did not have much appetite at all and lost a lot of weight at first. But I rested a lot. In addition my family tried to fatten up. I knew my lower half had expanded a little. But I was still a very healthy weight and shape. I did want to improve my strength and stamina, but I was very reluctant to start going to the gym with my new boss.

I repeated that the gym is not something I would enjoy but I said that I would like to start walking again. We were on the outskirts of London and there were a lot of green fields and woods nearby. I said that I would like to go for a walk each day especially while the weather was so lovely.

He continued to pressure me to agree to go to the gym with him. He claimed he could help me get into a really nice shape. I said I was only interested in keeping fit, but not overly worried about my shape. He told me that I should be. I responded that I saw no reason to worry about my shape so long as I was fit and healthy. He replied that I should make myself more attractive to men. I laughed and stated that was not something I was concerned about. He looked at me as if I was ridiculous and asked me what was wrong with me. Can you imagine how I was feeling? Can you?

Calmly I thanked him for his “honest opinion” and promised I would be strict bout going out for a daily walk. Grrrrr!

Before he could reply, the doorbell rang. One of his friends had arrived. My boss was still in his robe, and his friend seemed annoyed that he was not ready. My boss told him he would go and have a quick shower and dress. Before he ran upstairs he asked me if I would mind boiling a couple of eggs for him.

I made a cup of tea for my boss’ friend and tried to make light conversation. I could tell he was sniggering and smirking a bit. He seemed to make references to  my boss choosing me for my as his new naughty maid. I completely ignored the inference. But it was interesting to be aware of what my boss’ friend thought of him. Hmm. It just reinforced my conviction I had to find another place as soon as possible.

toast soldiersWhen my boss returned he asked me what on earth I was doing with the eggs. I had automatically hard-boiled them and then peeled the shells. He was really annoyed with me. I should have asked how he wanted to eggs. I had just done them the way I prefer. But he wanted soft-boiled eggs with a slice of toast he could cut up and dip into the runny egg yolk. That’s the way we had eggs when we were little children. I apologised and acknowledged I should have asked how he liked his eggs. He looked at me as if I was a complete fruitcake!

Then he threw away the eggs I had hard-boiled and gave me a training session on how to boil eggs the way he liked them using a little device that you put into the pan with the eggs. I had never seen one before but I admitted it would mean I would not have to count the minutes the water was boiling.

I felt a mixture of humiliation and great amusement at him training me how to soft-boil an egg. He wanted me to watch the pan and observe how the egg-timer changed colour. It felt so ridiculous standing next to my boss, both of us stating at the pan of boiling water. I could see his friend found it funny to watch. Once the egg-timer had changed colour indicating the eggs were soft-boiled, my boss told me I could now remove them from the heat. He patted me on the behind and said “Good girl!”

I could not control my reaction. I stood back and said in a loud firm voice, “Please do not touch me!” I think he was a bit embarrassed I had snapped at him in front of his friend. He grabbed the pan and started to prepare the eggs to eat with his toast. I decided that was my cue to disappear.

After my boss and his friend had left, I cleaned his bedroom and bathroom and the kitchen and dining rooms. I left everything sparking. Then I headed out for a walk. I headed back towards the local high street. I found a local library and filled out a form so I could have a library card. I also found the local leisure centre which had a large swimming pool. I also bought some vegetarian food. I brought it back to the house and realized my boss was not back yet.

So I went out again and this time headed towards the green fields at the end of the town. I walked along very pretty paths with lush green trees and wildflowers and saw ponies and rabbits and squirrels. All of that cheered me up. I have always loved walking in through green spaces – but especially at that time it brought me a great sense of peace and calm and refreshment.

Lost in my own thoughts, I wondered how I would endure being in the house with this man who was making me feel so uncomfortable. Was I overreacting to him? Was he really that bad? Was I being overly sensitive? The last thing I wanted to do was ring my family and tell them I needed to come home. I wanted to be in London. I was going to have to make sure I found another “tied-accommodation” post as soon as possible. Part of me knew that this man could make me want to run for my life!

But finding another job with accommodation was not easy. I did find somewhere eventually, but in the meantime…

…well, I will explain in other posts.

15 thoughts on “Run For Your Life!”

    1. What I did not understand when I applied and attended the interview is that although he said there was only a couple of hours work each day, he actually wanted a companion to have all his meals with and to to talk with and watch TV with and go out to dinner with etc.

      It became obvious very quickly that he likes pretty women. Eventually he told me (and I read in the manuscript of his autobiography that I started editing) that he had a number of female employees over the years who warmly responded to his attentions. He really did not see anything wrong in his behaviour. I had to make it clear it was totally unacceptable to me.


    1. I gave my notice in after two weeks realizing my life would be impossible there. But it was six weeks in total I was there. But for the last week the new housekeeper was there too.
      If that happened to me now – I would not have stayed one week! But at that time I was terribly muddled. I wanted to be in London. I had been in a bubble staying with my family for almost a year. Although I loved being with them, I was not really living. I wanted make steps to get back towards being back in my flat and career in London (but I would have to improve my strength and stamina for that). I had looked for work up north, but I could not find part-time work that was a reasonable commute. So I was doing all the housework for my family members and found a cleaning job (but it was only a couple of hours a week).
      I wanted to be near my friends and my world in London. I was aching to be there.
      The challenges I faced with my new boss – I thought at first that I was oversensitive. But wait til you read Thursday’s post. I knew he was an absolute nutter and there was nothing at all wrong with me.

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    1. Yup…I was not comfortable there at all. It got worse. Because I didn’t want to relive it all and write in full detail…tomorrow’s post is a list of e-mail excerpts that I sent to a friend explaining the worst of the challenges I faced. When I read through it – and I don’t want to read it again – it really hit me how completely unacceptable he was.

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